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CRM Fusion has greatly improved the efficiency of organizations by coming up with advanced software meant to help organizations reach their data cleansing and data quality goals.

Their software works directly with their counterpart, which is a renowned cloud computing platform.

Here are some of CRM fusion’s software products:


DemandTools is a popular data quality and data cleansing tool for Salesforce customers. It is a set of more than 10 modules that are designed to import, control, verify, standardize, de-duplicate and manipulate Salesforce data. DemandTools works in various versions of Salesforce including the Developer, Enterprise, Professional, and Unlimited versions.

DemandTools does not just prevent duplication; it also ensures administrator productivity when working with Salesforce data.


This is a data de-duplication tool that is used by thousands of Salesforce organizations all over the world. It basically complements the existing Salesforce data quality tools developed by CRMfusion Inc.

DupeBlocker prevents users from creating duplicates in REAL time, web-lead dupes, SFDC to SFDC dupes and more. This tool is the only solution to real time duplication.

Once installed, DupeBlocker prevents leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and custom object duplicates.


This is a professional and economical CRM fusion’s tool that imports leads, accounts, and contacts into Salesforce. The windows based software program allows users to develop customized import scenarios; including customized passes to prevent the creation of duplicates. However, it updates existing leads, accounts, and contacts. PeopleImport filters to prevent the creation of new duplicates. Together with DemandTools, PeopleImport is the most powerful tool for Salesforce customers. DemandTools customers can get one copy of PeopleImport free of charge.


The PowerGrid tool is a spreadsheet-like tool that connects you to your Salesforce data. This tool brings the power of DemandTools into a spreadsheet format. It allows for proper organization and mass updating records. A user is able to update all fields in the grid and review the changes before pushing the updates to Salesforce. A user can choose to update the fields individually or highlight a group of cells and update them at once.


dgfhThis is a free native AppExchange app developed by CRM fusion to solve the Parent-Child hierarchy lost when accounts merge. ParentFixer does not require any configuration.

It works with DemandTools, the manual Salesforce merge or any other merge application.

ParentFixer avoids a situation whereby all of the Child Account’s Parent Account link information is lost. By installing ParentFixer, children won’t lose their Parent Account ID.

CRM fusion has really helped organization not just to prevent duplication but also promoting administrator productivity.