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Have you ever experienced the serenity that accompanies the soft and uniform light of luminous ceilings? Well, if you have then this is the kind of illumination that is redefining interior design, utilization of space, and lighting in general. Check out the Lichtdecke Kosten for more info.

First, let’s look at the shortcomings of other forms of lighting that paved the way for the new technology.

Darker shades

Although the sun is a ball of burning hot compounds billion years away, it lights the earth like a uniform sheet of white light spreading across the sky. However, the traditional ceiling lights bulbs are much closer to the surface making it difficult to light a room evenly. This means that as you move away from the source of the light, you will be met by darker shades. Perhaps this is the major drawback of traditional lightbulbs that created room for luminous ceilings.


Luminous ceiling

Interior designers of yesteryears conceived light as an auxiliary component that mainly played an aesthetic role in defining space. With the introduction of luminous ceiling technology, modern day interior designers and architectures are taking light seriously. For instance, you can create ambiance and give your room a specific personality just by using a given color of lighting for your ceiling.

Furthermore, some lightings will either optimize space or shrink it. Designers can use these aspects to make up for certain shortcomings evident in the physical design. For instance, brighter shades optimize space making it look bigger. The opposite is the same for darker shades.

Balance and uniformity

A light bulb sticking boldly out of the surface of your ceiling can sometimes spoil uniformity and balance. Balance and uniformity adorn space with beauty and peace. When it comes to the luminous ceiling, you need not worry about inconsistencies in space. The technology involves the combination of LED technology and the use of fabric That allows the light to spread evenly over the surface of your ceiling and subsequently space below.

Daylight like feeling

hgdhgdd674Daylight is often associated with energy. However, if you work or live in a building with little or no access to natural light you can get the dull feeling associated with night-time when the body is supposed to rest. Luminous technology can be used to give a daylight like feeling within a given space and endow the space with energy associated with the sun. In essence, you can re-energize space just by choosing the correct light for your ceiling.

The technology is still new, and people should expect even more creativity and innovation. Companies are already bringing into the market new inventions of luminous ceilings with a wider variety of colors to select from.