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A tactical flashlight is an important gadget in every home. You never know when disaster will strike so you need to prepare yourself by buying one from defense unit flashlights. In case you no longer have your normal source of light, you need a tactical flashlight to help you see. When many people hear about a tactical flashlight, they think about camping or military use. This might be true, but there are still other uses of a tactical use that are not common. A good tactical can be used on all occasions to provide lighting and also defense.

Good tactical flashlight

The right lighting

One thing that differentiates tactical flashlights from other flashlights is the amount. The light produced by the flashlight is used for viewing, and also it used as a protective feature. For instance, if the enemy is approaching you, you can use the bright light to blind them from attacking you. This means when choosing a good tactical flashlight to make sure that the lighting is above 130 lumens. However, it shouldn’t be very bright because it is above 300 lumens then you will be attracting the enemy to your side.


Easy to adjust

A tactical flashlight is normally used in instances where you need light, and you can’t access any other source of light. A good tactical flashlight should be easy to adjust to avoid frustration at the time when you need it most. You should be able to adjust to get the least amount of brightness and also extreme brightness whenever you need to it.

Rigid make

A hard exterior is important for a tactical flashlight. It is important for the tactical flashlight to have a solid exterior to be able to withstand a fall and impact. If you are using your flashlight in the wild, then you expect it to be able to withstand the harsh environment without any damage. Most of the tactical flashlights are made using an exterior aluminum casing. The role of aluminum is to protect the flashlight and avoid rust.



It is essential for a tactical flashlight to be completely waterproof. It should be well sealed to make sure that water doesn’t penetrate inside. Most of the people use tactical flashlight outside in the rain, and so the waterproof feature is important.