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Whether it is listening to some music or watching some movies, there is no doubt that it is not the same experience as it was a few decades ago. This is because of the advancements technology has brought to audio and video equipment. Audio and video technology has evolved quite rapidly over the past few decades, and some of the changes have been path breaking to say the least. Though it may not be able to possible to list down all the achievements here are a few important milestones that are worth considering.

Size Matters And It Matters A Lot

Today, there are hardly any users who carry big and cumbersome sound systems while AV Tech 01holidaying or on an outing. The best of audio and video systems can now be captured in a wonderful marvel called the smartphone or the iPhone. This would have been unimaginable even around a decade back. These small devices are so powerful and that they can hold some movies and musical presentation. They can be connected to a laptop and played on the big screens without having the need to carry big storage devices like tapes, CDs, and other such mediums. Hence, music and video today has become palm-sized to say the least.

Quality Of Sound And Picture

While size has become a big turning point when it comes to listening to music and seeing the best of videos, quality is also something that has crossed many boundaries that hitherto were unheard of. What started with Dolby sound systems graduated into surround-sound and much more. Today, it is possible to separate almost each, and every instrument that is played on any soundtrack and even the slightest of sounds can be magnified and heard to the absolute delight of music lovers. Furthermore, 3D viewing technology has made it possible to view real-life movies and videos and that too sitting in the comfort of homes. Apart from the above there are other important advancements in the way music is originated and here are a few things that would be worth considering:

AV Tech 02Synthesizers have given a new meaning to music and sound, and they have well and truly many old instruments like piano, mouth organ, flute and others obsolete. Almost all the major instruments are now encompassed in a single instrument called synthesizer.
Digital software tools are also playing a big role in giving new teeth to sound, music and videos that were not possible even perhaps ten years before.

These are just a few, and, therefore, it would not be wrong to mention that advancements technology has brought to audio and video equipment are simply amazing. It is a good mix of presentation, production, and output that is making all the difference.