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Vinyl or vintage records are making a comeback and people who prefer the original sound of this form of media will always be faithful to them. In the past, these were the only available form of music storage and even today they are being produced whenever to a new song is released.

How are Vinyl Records Made?

There is a long process that is followed when a record is made. Once a COM18song is recorded at a studio it has to be cut into a master disc. The master is an aluminum circle that has been coated with a nail polish like lacquer. There is a machine that is used to engrave grooves into the master which will then be used to stamp the records we use at home. Many people believe that this form of media gives a warmer and deeper sound that modern digital recording.

How to Playback a Vinyl Record

You may have already seen a turntable or a record player. It may seem different to a cassette but is is not too different to a compact disk. It uses a needle to go over the grooves that have been cut, and the depth of these grooves correspond to sound, and it is then amplified by a phono amplifier and then sent to a power amp which will, in turn, deliver the music to the speakers.

When using a vinyl record player, you must ensure the needle is in good condition and if it is worn out that you replace it immediately. If you do not, it can damage the record and the sound quality will not be as expected.

COM19Other components needed

Apart from the record player, you will need some other pieces of equipment in order to enjoy the music that has been recorded on the vinyl discs. These will include an amplifier with a phono input, an equalizer if you wish to adjust the sound according to your tastes and a good set of speakers.

How to buy audio equipment

When you go out shopping for your home audio system, it is always advisable to buy all parts from one brand. However, there are some instances, where buying them from different manufacturers will give you even better sound quality.


These are the output device for your sound, and you need to have a set that will not distort the sound and will preserve the rich and deep quality that we expect from vinyl records.